An interesting look at the downfall of Adam Neumann — but one lacking the juiciest details on exactly how it happened.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

In the world of tech, a ‘unicorn’ is a private startup valued at more than $1 billion. So-called, of course, because of how rare and unlikely this is: only a few hundred ‘unicorns’ have ever existed, a classification made up of unique, massive, and complex beasts such as SpaceX. …

Chompsky wins. (And transitions to Substack!)

BIG CHANGE in the Chompsky camp. I’ve decided to:

  1. Move over to Substack (don’t tell Medium)
  2. Keep the blog’s name (okay, so, that’s more of a non-change)
  3. Create a new ‘core’ article series (How is this a ‘change’? Do you just LOVE lists, Eliz?
  4. Yes.
  5. Are you typing this as…

A guide to why everyone hates it, and how activists are trying to change it.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

‘The Media’…

…is a complex beast. When we talk about ‘It’ — even when specifically pinpointing, for example, the dreaded 👻 ‘mainstream media’ 🧛— we’ve immediately lost all nuance and detail. (Which is surprising, given how reasonable and listen-y everyone is in the digital age.)

‘The Media’ is not only a huge…

Fan of the Alex Rider series? Be their runner by next week!

Hi all, just a quick extra newsletter notice this week, ahead of Friday.

I know many of my subscribers are young Bristol-based filmmakers! So I wanted to share this runner ad, which starts on Friday.

Get your CVs in ASAP, and make sure you include on it any runner/assistant roles you’ve done. If you have a driving license, ensure that fact’s on there somewhere too!

If you know of anyone who is looking for opportunities like these, please share this newsletter with them and let them know to subscribe.


I’ve been enjoying an ‘unfortunately necessary sequel’ and an unfortunately necessary festival this week.

Hi all,

The New Corporation is out! It’s been streaming in Canada for a while but premiered in the UK at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival last night.

For anyone who has seen 2003’s The Corporation, I hope this is exciting news; you may be interested to know the…

An ‘unfortunately necessary’ update to 2003’s groundbreaking doc is convincing, provocative, and surprisingly uplifting.

I can’t recommend 2003's The Corporation enough. A polemic about our fabulously irredeemable corporate overlords, it’s full to the brim with case-studies from The Walt Disney Company to industrial flooring manufacturers. It has long been one of my favourite films; my only gripe being its combination of a 2 hour…

The press came under harsh scrutiny this week. Luckily, media activists have tools for change.

Illustration by Obi Arisukwu

Hello everyone,

Anything in media news recently I should be writing about? JOKES.

The Meghan and Harry fallout, funnily enough, has coincided with this week’s Media Democracy Festival, hosted by the Media Reform Coalition. Their work is all about how to improve the culture and power dynamics of the industry…

Eliz Mizon

Writer, covering media, politics, and labor. Editor of Chompsky. Media reform advocate. UK/US.

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